4 Lessons Learned Trying to Restart a Dead Blog

As human as it is to change; it might be tad more so for us to want to resist change. Maybe that’s putting it too mildly, we abhor change with the vehemence of a thousand Jesuses. Personally, I am not a fan of change, because it is a poopy face (10 points to Adi for eloquence). HOW – notice the caps – EVER! We must undergo it. Because that’s pretty much life (that bitch). It is high time to go where the world wants to go and drop the old. It is not easy but we did it, here’s what we learned.

You, dear reader, will have noticed that this website is far from ready. There isn’t a logo, and given that you are most likely diverted here from the Facebook page, there isn’t much of a welcome. You’re just tossed onto a vacuously designed website and left there abandoned. Even your adblocker is worried it’s wronged you somehow. HOW – ooh, caps again – EVER! as things need to move on, so they shall.

1. Comics are incredibly difficult to make

The problem is that comics are hard to plan and even harder if you are working off of images. Even though this blog originally started out as a portal where two people drew speech balloons on random images (photographed or Googled) and wrote something the other chuckled at. The effort to laughter ratio never looked like it was worth it.

You would not believe the number of apps I’ve purchased (with money, of all things) just so I could make comics quicker. Trouble is, you either draw poorly (right here), or you settle for images you find google. Maybe one in a hundred images pan out the way you want them to, so the entire gag changes just to fit the image. It kills the pay-off, it’s boring and if you can’t draw, you’re basically asking for all the trouble life can give you.

Photo Courtesy Pixabay.com
“Hello, you talentless hack. Life sends her regards” – Pixabay.com

So you suck at drawing and Google doesn’t work in your favour, all you can do it make mediocre versions of what might have been decent jokes.

2. You make some heavy compromises

I believe it was Steve Waugh who said, “Who are you, what are you doing in my shower?” You start off something with a lot of your time and energy and in this particular case, some money too (stupid, easy to use comic apps) and end up with something you can’t grow because there’s just no way for you to create enough material to meet demand. Not with work, family (and some flimsy shreds of dignity) anyway. I mean I don’t have the kind of work that requires me to be places, but it’s still weird if a 30 year old is scribbling on images when he could be doing things that actually generate revenue.

So you compromise and do what’s easier even if you don’t like it. You pick an approach that is known to succeed. Like listicles, the thing that is taking the internet by storm.

One could just as easily write a passage conveying the same information as this listicle, but this is where the world is now. As much as you’d like to swim against the current. It’s only prudent to accept. Even it feels like this move is tugging on your last shred of dignity. That feeling quickly goes away though because…

3. Things start looking up once you actually do it

Change only sounds horrible when it is incoming. Once it settles in, you find there are things you can work with and things you can make work for you. Now I don’t know if this blog will ever be anything in its life, but at least I’ll look forward to writing for it. Even though this post is taking forever to write, but it’s still fun. Because I am actually tells people what I am thinking in a way that they too can benefit from it. I think that’s a win-win.

"Hey, is that someone being optimistic over there?"
“Hey, is that someone being optimistic over there?” – David Shankbone – Wikimedia Commons
That said, this isn’t exactly easy either, but it is a WHOOOO – run for cover, it’s caps again – LE lotta fun. Even googling free to use images is fun because you don’t have to worry about the image to caption ration being off.

4. We will have to do this again someday

Trends come and go, as evidenced by the warcrimes committed by your parents in the name of fashion.

"Or actual warcrimes" - Wikipedia

“Or during actual war for some parents” – Wikipedia

That said, just as soon as we’re about to get comfortable with this situation, you will realize how you are no longer entertained by this medium. You might even find it tedious, or boring, or dull, monotonous, uneventful, insipid, infact here, go through this and come back to the rest of this sentence.

HAH! You came back for nothing, the post’s over. Lesson’s learned. The world changes, we change with it. Deal with it. Or not, it’s the internet, it’s not like I can force you to do anything. But I can tell you to close this page now and let you ponder if it was free will that lead you there or my instruction.